Sunday is the club diving day where, weather-permitting, we aim to get the club boat out and get people diving. Sunday club diving caters for all levels and typically includes sites such as Alice-Marie, Hellopes, Logan Rock, the Falmouth Bay wrecks, Volnay, Hera, Manacles, and St.Chamond. We have a dive rota for Sunday club diving day, which is published quarterly by our Diving Officer (DO) and aims to spread the dive management evenly so one person takes the role of Dive Manager (DM) once a quarter.

DM duties are carried out by qualified, experienced, members, but we also encourage less-experienced members to get involved with the support of someone more experienced.

The DM also usually carries out lifeguard duty at the training pool, in Redruth, on the Friday night prior to their Sunday dive duty, and organises the mid-week evening shore dive and BBQ. This isn’t always possible for people who live a distance away or have other commitments, but we all muck-in and manage to work it out between ourselves. Sunday club diving day is really the key priority.

As well Sunday club diving day, the boat also gets out on other days – mainly throughout the summer months – with our more experienced divers and boat handlers organising mid-week and Saturday dives to more challenging sites when the weather and tides are right. Recent dives during have included: Princess Royal, Denobola, Enrico Parodi, Kintuck and St.Chamond – from Hayle; Runnelstone and City of Westminster – from Penzance; City of Ghent, Carmarthan and Manacles – from Falmouth.

Typically our boat diving is in the range of 15-45m, and our members have different kit configurations. Most are on single cylinders with pony cylinders, some on twinsets, and a we have around 5/6 rebreather divers.

The club makes a charge per boat dive to cover the day’s fuel and launching costs. The amount charged varies, depending on the distance the boat travels to the dive site.