Interested in diving?
Fancy a try dive?

We offer try dives to those interested in diving. The try dive session is carried out at a local pool.

You will have a one-hour session where one of our club instructors will talk you through everything and then you will have a try dive in the pool. The club provides all equipment for the try dive, all you need to bring is:

  • your swimming shorts
  • a rash vest or T-shirt to wear in the pool
  • a towel for afterwards
  • your try dive medical form (see below)

After you have completed your try dive you will receive a BSAC Try Dive certificate.

The cost for a try dive is £25* per person and we request payment in full prior to the try dive.

*If you learn to dive with us within 12-months of completing a try dive with us, we will deduct the £25 try dive cost off of your Ocean Diver training fee. For more information on learning to dive with us see ‘Joining us as a trainee diver’.

Book your try dive
Please email us if you are interested in booking a try dive. We will agree a date for your try dive, and provide payment details.

Medical form
You will need to complete a Try Dive medical form, which you can download here. Please print it out, fill it in and bring it along with you.

Group discounts
We are able to offer a discounted rate for clubs/groups looking to carry out a group session try dive. Please contact us and we’ll speak with you directly.