Join PSAC as a qualified diver

We welcome all qualified divers looking to join a local dive club. Whilst we are a BSAC club, we welcome divers from all training agencies (ie. BSAC, SAA, PADI, SSAC, TDI, IANTD, NAUI etc). You will need your own complete set of dive kit if you are joining us as a qualified diver. Diving is a physical activity and divers must be medically fit – before we can accept your application you must be able to satisfy the BSAC medical requirements by completing a BSAC self-declaration medical fitness form.

Diver progression
We have a team of volunteer instructors delivering our BSAC training. We encourage divers to continue training and to undertake further qualifications, both dive related such as BSAC Dive Leader and BSAC Advanced Diver to Nitrox, O2 Administration, and Boat Handling. BSAC also offer instructor training courses which we can organise for you.

What next?
Prior to joining, we do suggest you come along to meet us first off, where one of us can speak with you in person. We’ll also need to see your qualification book and dive log book.

PSAC membership fee is currently £120 per year, and we do not charge a joining fee. We prefer your membership to be paid by monthly standing order of £10 per month, however a full payment of £120 may be made by bank transfer.

Once you’ve come along to meet us, joining PSAC is straightforward – simply follow the steps below:

Step-by-step joining guide:

  1. Complete your PSAC application form and return it to us by email, post or bring along to the the pool on a Friday night (we will also need to see your log book and qualification): PSAC application form for qualified divers
  2. Join BSAC, selecting ‘Join via a club’ and state Peninsula Sub Aqua Club, branch #1036:
    [If you are already a BSAC member please email us with your membership number so we can arrange to transfer your membership to BSAC Peninsula Sub Aqua Club.]
  3. Ensure your personal details are correct on BSAC website:
  4. Complete your BSAC self-declaration medical fitness form on BSAC website at or by downloading the form and returning it to us.
    [If you are an existing BSAC member and have already completed your self-declaration medical fitness form please advice us.]
  5. Set-up a standing order for £10 per month. Please email us to request payment/address details – we will respond to you directly with this information.

Medical requirements
All PSAC divers, including trainees, must satisfy the BSAC medical requirements. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on the BSAC self-declaration medical fitness form, you will require a medical using the BSAC_Medical_Referee_Form. BSAC policy is that the medical must be carried out a doctor who is registered under the UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC). In the south-west, the options are:

The medical costs approx £100. Once you have a ‘Fit To Dive’ certificate please forward this to the club Membership Secretary.