Club towing vehicle policy

The club has purchased it’s own club towing vehicle, a Mitsubishi Shogun, to help encourage more use of the club boat. In order to preserve the longevity of the vehicle, there are a few rules and policies to note:

  • Age restrictions 25 – 75 years:
    Our club insurance states a minimum age of 25 years and maximum age of 75 years.
  • Vehicle use – club business only:
    The vehicle is to be used ONLY for club business. Our insurance is specifically for PSAC activities and will not cover any other use.
  • Towing the club boat – approved towers only:
    Club members who are willing, qualified and are experienced (eg. have the towing endorsement on their drivers licence and have experience of towing) may tow the club club boat using the club vehicle for club diving. These members will be included on the club approved towers list. Club members must be included on the list first to be able to undertake club boat towing. The club Secretary will hold this list.
    If other members, who have towing on their drivers licence, are interested in towing the club boat we suggest you speak with the Committee so you can come along with one of the experienced towers to learn and gain experience and confidence before you are permitted to tow the club boat alone.
  • Fuel up the vehicle after each trip:
    Similar to the club boat, whereby it is fuelled up after each trip we would expect the same to be carried out with the club vehicle. If however, the amount of fuel used has been so minimal (eg. a return trip to Hayle slipway) the vehicle may not require fuelling. Please use common sense and NEVER allow the vehicle to drop below 3/4 full.
    The fuel for the vehicle and the boat will be paid from monies collected from diving that day. Please ensure you have fuel receipts, and monies left should be passed to the Treasurer (similar to existing policy).
  • Parking the vehicle – reverse in, leave in ‘park’ with handbrake off:
    The club vehicle will live next to the club boat. Please ensure you reverse the vehicle in so that the bonnet is facing outwards. If the battery goes flat it will be much easier for us to access the bonnet. Also, The vehicle MUST be left in ‘Park’ with the handbrake OFF so it doesn’t seize on while parked up between towing.
  • Mileage log – complete on every trip:
    There is a milage log book in the vehicle. Please fill this in EVERY time the vehicle is used.
  • No wet kit:
    Do NOT put wet kit straight into the back of the vehicle (or anywhere else). Please ensure your kit and your drysuit are stored in waterproof containers.
  • Number of people in vehicle – maximum of 2:
    The vehicle is a commercial vehicle with two seats only. Our insurance is based on this therefore no-one may – under any circumstances – travel in the back.
  • Launching and recovering the club boat – never put in sea:
    The vehicle, including its wheels, must NEVER be put in the sea.
  • Vehicle Officer:
    The Vehicle Officer is responsible for annual servicing, MOT and repairs. Should you have any issue with the vehicle please report it to the current vehicle officer via Whatsapp.